Vanilla Frozen Yogurt: A Culinary Canvas

24 Aug
vanilla frozen yogurt

Edy’s makes our favorite Vanilla!

I don’t know about you, but in our house dessert is a must have after every meal, even if its just one M & M, we just have to have a little something sweet to seal the deal meal. One of our favorite desserts is a healthier version of ice cream, frozen yogurt! Some of you might cringe at the word dessert, but frozen yogurt is a healthy option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Frozen yogurt offers benefits and can be part of a well-balanced diet. Most frozen yogurts are fat free, are full of active culture probiotics (some which help maintain a healthy digestive tract) and are packed with much-needed calcium! What’s not to LOVE?!

Lots of times after dinner my hubby and I would hop in the car and make the trip to a frozen yogurt bar like Yumilicious and Pinkberry (two of our favorites!); however, we just got tired of driving and started buying our own frozen yogurt at the grocery store. This is when we discovered that Vanilla Frozen Yogurt is what I like to call, “a culinary canvas!” It is delicious on its own but 10x more delicious with an endless amount of toppings and added flavors that we already have in the pantry! I have listed a few of our amazing combos below! So get creative with your food and go on have your dessert and eat it too 🙂

Our Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Faves!

1. Mint ChocHomemade mint chocolate chip frozen yogurtolate Chip Yogurt – mix in a little mint extract and add some chocolate chips 🙂 and walah you have a new flavor to savor! P.S. You can always add green food coloring if (like me) it freaks you out to eat white mint chocolate chip ice cream.

2. Frozen Cereal Bowl – add your favorite cereals, we love Captain Crunch, its like eating your morning breakfast as a frozen treat!

3. Get Nutty – add some mixed nuts, almonds or even a scoop of peanut butter for a healthy punch of flavor.frozen yogurt toppings

4. Milk and Cookies – crush up some of your favorite cookies and add a splash of milk for more of a milkshake consistency (this is my hubby’s fav).

5. Fun with Fruit – any fruit you have in the fridge or freezer goes great with vanilla frozen yogurt (we always have Frozen Dole Mixed Fruit from Sam’s Club on hand), throw in some granola for another healthy addition!

6. Hot Chocolate Mix…wait what?! – stir in some powdered hot chocolate mix to yogurt to give it a chocolatey flavor, what girl doesn’t LOVE chocolate!?

7. Power Hour – make a protein milkshake! mix protein powder with milk water (use water instead of milk to cut calories without cutting taste, you will be surprised how good it is) and blend with frozen yogurt.

Now that you know our favorite toppings, what do you use to take your Vanilla frozen yogurt from drab to fab?!


2 Responses to “Vanilla Frozen Yogurt: A Culinary Canvas”

  1. Anonymous September 1, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    do you get turkey hill in texas? if so, we like turkey hill vanilla bean frozen yogurt. yum!! i have been trying to find a coffee flavored frozen yogurt, fat free. any suggestions????

    • brittkneekinley September 6, 2012 at 8:39 am #

      We don’t get Turkey Hill, but we do get Blue Bell which is almost as good 🙂 I am a Northerner so I am definitely partial to the Turkey Hill brand. As far as a take home coffee frozen yogurt I haven’t seen any brands offer this flavor, but if you want to treat yourself Pinkberry has coffee frozen yogurt certain times of the year! Enjoy!

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