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My DIY Fall Wreath

31 Aug pinterst fall wreath

Fall is my FAVORITE season, and even though it isn’t September yet (don’t judge too much Sept. starts tomorrow) I just had to have a fall wreath to hang on our door. Ever since I got this little idea in my head, I must confess, I have been pinning wreaths like CRAZY (seriously not exaggerating just look at my “Wreaths” Pinterest Board !) After finding a few faves, I ended up going to the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby to search for supplies and just be inspired by things on the shelves. I ended up taking a few elements from a few of my Pinterest wreaths (see below) and made a wreath that, I must admit, am kind of obsessed with 🙂

Wreaths from left to right are from the following amazing blogs: Right Shanty 2 Chic, Middle: Unknown, Left: Story Crafting with Joy.

After getting my inspiration I came home with an oval wreath (I wanted something a little different) and 2 bags full of burlap fabric, felt, moss wrap, pre-made little burlap flags and vintage rosettes (found in scrapbooking), faux berries and a monogram “K” for my last name Kinley (I know you all were thinking Knee :))

Once I got all of my supplies, my sister-in-law, Amanda, and I set out to get started on our craft day. It was a big help having another opinion on layout because I got a little too inspired and came home with wayyy too much stuff (although I did use a bit of everything.) I started out by wrapping the moss wrap around the one half of the wreath where I wasn’t going to put any rosettes. Then I  started to make the burlap rosettes from a tutorial on the Shanty 2 Chic Blog and they were sooo easy! You just take a 2 inch piece of burlap, folded in half, hot glue the end to a piece of felt and wrap in a circular motion until you have the desired size. glue the end to the felt leaving about an inch tail, cut the felt out around where the rosette is and glue the tail to the back! Wahlah a gorgeous, rustic burlap rosette! See the steps below.

Once I got the rosettes done a few in each of the colors of burlap I got. I began to mess around with the layout until I found one I liked. I started mixing the rosettes, pre-made vintage scrapbooking flowers and berries around the “K” monogram. Then I grabbed the hot glue gun and went to work. I used Gorilla Glue for the K to make sure it would stay since it was metal and a little heavier. Trust me the way my husband comes in and out of that door it was bound to fall off one day! Once I had the layout perfect I started on the “Welcome” flags. I strung the pre-made flags on a loose string from the burlap fabric and wrote “Welcome” in a black Sharpie. Then I tied them onto little twigs on the wreath.

DIY fall wreath

One last final touch was the burlap ribbon tied in a bow to hang the wreath. I LOVE it and think it goes perfect with our door color for Fall! What do you think?!

Have you crafted any Fall projects lately? I would love to hear about them and try out some new projects!


Ode to Italy

14 Aug

A month ago I went on the most AMAZING trip to Italy with my in-laws and my sister-in-law, yes I left the hubby behind. That was definitely hard considering I was gone for 12 days and not to mention it was our one year wedding anniversary, but he encouraged me to go because he felt it was the trip of a lifetime and boy was he right! It was one of the most eye-opening, most indescribable experiences ever and I am just so thankful that I was able to go. Now I feel closer than ever to my in-laws and consider my sister-in-law Kat one of my best friends! I just absolutely cannot even describe to you the generosity of my in-laws and how much they did for me on the trip, soooooo I just had to do something extra special for them! It took me a while to come up with something that would be sentimental and truly show my gratitude. I am known for my rapping (haha yes a white girl can rap, I didn’t say well, I just said I could haha) and poem writing so I decided to do a recap of our trip in a poem. After writing the poem, which took me like 2 days, I decided to make a shadowbox and include some pictures of the trip as well as some souvenirs we picked up along the way. I am so excited to give it to them and can’t wait for their reaction.

An excerpt from the poem:


Shadow Box

Perfecting the layout



Shadowbox complete!

Shadowbox complete

Ready to display!

And Italy was just way too beautiful to keep to myself so here are some pics from our trip!

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Hello world…and some crafting!

21 Jul

Welcome to the Bee’s Knees blog! A fabulous mix of all things a girl loves – cooking, crafting, cocktails, fashion and much more! I am excited to start sharing some of my latest fashion finds, recipes and crafts 🙂 Go to the “Meet the Queen Bee” page to find out a little more about me. Anyways, its time to get buzzing girls!

I recently quit my previous job, we won’t go into the details, and have been working for my father-in-law’s company helping with their marketing. I only am in the office two days a week and work from home Tuesdays through Thursdays as needed; needless to say I have a bit of time on my hands to finally do some things I enjoy, but just didn’t have the time to do before.

Soooo that leads me into my HUGE crafting kick! (Yes I went to Micheal’s again, making that twice this week…don’t judge!) Since I didn’t have this blog before I became a craftonista (my word for a self-proclaimed fabulous crafter), I don’t have step by step pictures…but I do have the finished product photos! Check them out below, I can’t wait to share more of my projects to come with all of you!

Project: Silver Monogram Decor

Silver Monogram Decor Craft
This project was a multi-step one but it was definitely worth it in the end. I got the inspiration and cardboard letter from Target’s beloved dollar section, yes this sucker cost me just $1.00! After scanning through numerous Pinterest pages I came across one that showed you how to give a metallic finish to wo0d or cardboard letters (sorry I don’t have the link, but I searched letter art). I decided to give it a shot! First I took puffy paint that I had on had, doesn’t matter the color, and drew all the swirls and dots on the front of the “K.” Once that dried I took foil, yes foil!, and folded it over the edges, pushing down hard on it to make sure all of my puffy paint drawings were outlined. Once the foil was in place, I took black acrylic paint that I had from an old project and dry brushed it on top of the foil to give it that antiqued, rustic look. The feather I had from a friend’s wedding and the gem I got on clearance at Micheal’s for $1.99. Total cost of this project was $2.99, but how it looks on my entertainment center is definitely priceless!

Project: Antiqued Wine Cork Board

Antiqued Wine Cork BoardI have been dying to make one of these for quite some time now…of course as you can see I have a lot more wine corks to go (a lot more bottles to consume – which shouldn’t be a problem). The wood box was actually made for this purpose and retails for $19.99, but you could use something else like a shadowbox. I got it at a distributor called Total Wine (my new favorite place in Dallas) and it was a natural wood color. I decided I wanted to spice it up a little bit so I painted it cream and antiqued it by dry brushing black paint over it. Once that dried I hot glue gunned the metal broaches and gems, which I got on clearance at Micheal’s, and added an old strand of pearls to the corner. The K is a wooden piece from Micheal’s that I painted black and added to the side. A few more corks to go a it’ll be done….I better go drink up!
Well that’s all for now ladies! Check back for more fabulous finds and DIY projects!

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