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Get Kissable Lips, Baby!

7 Nov

As much as I love pumpkin spice coffee, cozy nights and the smell of an apple spice candle, one thing that I just hate about this time of year is chapped lips. Your lips go from totally kissable to totally miserable, and it can happen overnight! How are you supposed to pull off those dark burgundy lips or bright red holiday lips if they are dry and cracking? Gross! Well, fret no more I have found the BEST product to prevent chapped lips before they even start.

Hello Baby, Baby Lips that is! Baby Lips by Maybelline has a super soft texture, tastes delicious and has been “clinically proven to make lips 82% visibly less dry, 94% less rough, 77% more supple, and 77% better looking after just four weeks of use!” I noticed a change in just a week. Oh and did I mention its only $2.99 and it comes in six amazing colors and flavors? I am currently obsessed with Peach Kiss!

Get out there and get it ladies, you don’t want chapped lips to be the reason you turn down that kiss under the mistletoe this holiday season 🙂

What other lip products do you use? What’s your favorite Baby Lips color?


The SkinnKnee on My Life & Fun with Pumpkin

26 Oct

Let me start off by saying, it has been wayyyyyy to long since I have posted and I must admit that a little thing called life got in the way…. in a good way! Over the last month I have been working like crazy to start my own company. So you can see why this blog took a back burner for a little bit. I decided to combine my love for weddings and events and branding businesses with my passion for design, to start a custom design studio specializing in wedding, event and business branding and custom stationary. The Bee’s Knees Custom Design is born, it just needs to mature a little, so I apologize in advance if my next post takes even longer. I am so excited about this new venture and it has been a trying, but exhilarating journey so far. The website should be up soon, fingers crossed, and I have a Facebook and twitter already so feel free to connect with me 🙂

Bees knees custom design

I will be sure to keep you updated on my newest venture and will have a detailed post in the future, but for now I know you all are anxious to know about how to have a little more fun with Pumpkin! Well it finally feels like Fall here in Texas and being a northern-native I could not be happier! I thought I would embrace the pumpkin season with a few tricks on how to use Pumpkin Spice Flavored Creamer, as I have found it is not just for coffee! When I first found this little gem at the grocery store I was so excited, but my husband and I can never finish a whole bottle of creamer (considering I prefer my coffee black) so I decided to get creative and come up with a few fun uses for it and so far they have all been delicious!

Fun with Pumpkin Spice Flavored Creamer

1. Oatmeal

Add it in with the water or milk you put in your dry oatmeal and microwave as usual. The creamer adds a delicious, little hint of Pumpkin Spice to your breakfast!

2. Ice Cream

Mix it into ice cream to give the ordinary vanilla bean a pumpkiny, fall, homemade flavor! Or add some milk and make a milkshake!

3. Yogurt

Mix a little (not too much or it will become watery) in with your vanilla yogurt to give it a pumpkin spice flavor! Not recommended with Greek yogurts.

4. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Substitute a few tablespoons of milk for this Pumpkin Spice creamer and take your mashed sweet potatoes to a whole new level!

5. Baking

Substitute it for a few tablespoons of milk or oil to add a Pumpkin Spice flavor to muffins, cakes, cookies, you name it and you can give it the flavor of pumpkin!

A recent recipe featured on Dr. Oz was to take a box of Betty Crocker or any yellow, while cake mix and substitute all of the oil, milk etc. for 1 container of Chobani plain or vanilla greek yogurt. Add a few tablespoons of this pumpkin spice creamer to the mix and you have an instant pumpkin dessert!

6. Pumpkin Spice Glaze

We all know (or your will now) how to make a sugar glaze: heat water to a boil and stir in confectioners sugar until you get a glaze-like texture, well why not add a little pumpkin creamer during the stirring…and you have an instant pumpkin glaze!

I just keep finding more uses for this creamer and it doesn’t stop at pumpkin, if you have a favorite creamer flavor feel free to do all of the above with it! Its a great way to get a lot of great recipes out of one product. Have any other ideas on how to use it? I would love to hear them!

Happy Pumpkin Cooking!

My Fashion Must-Haves for Fall 2012

6 Sep

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and I am so excited for the air to get a little brisker, the trees to change color and for that Pumpkin Spice coffee to come back into my life. (Why doesn’t Starbucks carry it all year long?! :() After hours of pinning outfits on my Pinterest style board and scowering my favorite clothing websites for the latest fall trends, I have put together a list of my Fashion Must-Haves for Fall 2012.

print pants fall 20121. Color and Print Pants!

I absolutely LOVE this trend. Before fun colored and printed pants entered the fashion scene, I literally lived in black leggings and my favorite pair of Paige jeans. This trend will expand your wardrobe and have you mismatching patterns you never dreamed of pairing together.

leopard outfit fall 2012

2. Leopard Leopard Leopard

One of my favorite prints of all time and a classic look that can go from funky to timeless. Stock up on leopard to everything from flats, belts, shirts and even leggings. I am dying to add a pair of leopard pants or leggings to my wardrobe!

studs fall 2012

3. Rocker Chic

A new emerging trend is adding a little rocker flair to girly favorites! Spikes are popping up all over the place, on flats, blazer shoulders, shirt collars, belts and even jewelry! Theses studs are adding a little rough attitude to feminine staples. A little reminder girls can kick ass too 😉

old hollywood fall 2012

4. Old Hollywood Flair

The famous fur and classic trend of Old Hollywood is starting to make its way back into the fashion scene. These fashion icons of the Old Hollywood era are making their way into everyday fashion by way of fur collars, tight conservative cut dresses and the ever-classic fedoras, shown above in to-die-for colors!

polka dot fall 2012

5. Polka Dots

Some people love ’em, some people hate ’em, but like it or not this trend is back in the fashion scene for Fall. Whether you embrace this style or not, be prepared to see the famous polka dots on jeans, sweaters, scarves and much more! Although I never really caught on to the polka dot trend, the short sleeved sweater pictured above from Old Navy may be making its way into my closet very soon. 🙂

Fashion has been so inspiring lately with all the bring colors and fun, mix matched patterns that I am really excited to see what the rest of the year will hold.

What fashion trends are your must haves for Fall 2012?

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My DIY Fall Wreath

31 Aug pinterst fall wreath

Fall is my FAVORITE season, and even though it isn’t September yet (don’t judge too much Sept. starts tomorrow) I just had to have a fall wreath to hang on our door. Ever since I got this little idea in my head, I must confess, I have been pinning wreaths like CRAZY (seriously not exaggerating just look at my “Wreaths” Pinterest Board !) After finding a few faves, I ended up going to the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby to search for supplies and just be inspired by things on the shelves. I ended up taking a few elements from a few of my Pinterest wreaths (see below) and made a wreath that, I must admit, am kind of obsessed with 🙂

Wreaths from left to right are from the following amazing blogs: Right Shanty 2 Chic, Middle: Unknown, Left: Story Crafting with Joy.

After getting my inspiration I came home with an oval wreath (I wanted something a little different) and 2 bags full of burlap fabric, felt, moss wrap, pre-made little burlap flags and vintage rosettes (found in scrapbooking), faux berries and a monogram “K” for my last name Kinley (I know you all were thinking Knee :))

Once I got all of my supplies, my sister-in-law, Amanda, and I set out to get started on our craft day. It was a big help having another opinion on layout because I got a little too inspired and came home with wayyy too much stuff (although I did use a bit of everything.) I started out by wrapping the moss wrap around the one half of the wreath where I wasn’t going to put any rosettes. Then I  started to make the burlap rosettes from a tutorial on the Shanty 2 Chic Blog and they were sooo easy! You just take a 2 inch piece of burlap, folded in half, hot glue the end to a piece of felt and wrap in a circular motion until you have the desired size. glue the end to the felt leaving about an inch tail, cut the felt out around where the rosette is and glue the tail to the back! Wahlah a gorgeous, rustic burlap rosette! See the steps below.

Once I got the rosettes done a few in each of the colors of burlap I got. I began to mess around with the layout until I found one I liked. I started mixing the rosettes, pre-made vintage scrapbooking flowers and berries around the “K” monogram. Then I grabbed the hot glue gun and went to work. I used Gorilla Glue for the K to make sure it would stay since it was metal and a little heavier. Trust me the way my husband comes in and out of that door it was bound to fall off one day! Once I had the layout perfect I started on the “Welcome” flags. I strung the pre-made flags on a loose string from the burlap fabric and wrote “Welcome” in a black Sharpie. Then I tied them onto little twigs on the wreath.

DIY fall wreath

One last final touch was the burlap ribbon tied in a bow to hang the wreath. I LOVE it and think it goes perfect with our door color for Fall! What do you think?!

Have you crafted any Fall projects lately? I would love to hear about them and try out some new projects!

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