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Naked 2: The Only Eyeshadow You Will Ever Need

19 Sep

If you’re like me, you used to be obsessed with MAC eyeshadow, I think at one point I owned 30 of them! That is A LOT of colors to keep track of, to be honest I probably still have half of them (barely used blues, greens and funky colors) in my makeup bag. With each eyeshadow ringing it at $14 a pop, I don’t even want to think about how much money I have spent on those little pots of color. That is why I was so excited when I found the Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette, I haven’t touched another eyeshadow since! The second palette of it’s kind, Naked 2 has more skin-toned neutrals than its older sister Naked.

naked 2 palette

It is the perfect grouping of highlighting, crease, sparkly and smokey eyeshadow.  The self described “taupe + greige neutrals” are the only 12 eyeshadow colors you will ever need. That is not the best part, you get all of them in a chic case with dual sided brush (crease and lid side) for only $50! This palette is my go-to eyeshadow kit for day wear, when I will just brush on a neutral all over my lids, or for a night out, when I create a dramatic smokey eye.

naked eyeshadow

Trust me you will want to go Naked (2) ladies!  This eyeshadow palette is the only one you will ever need!

Get the Perfect Gel Manicure at Home

28 Aug

Ever since the Gel Manicure made its debut a few years ago I haven’t even glanced twice at regular polish for my nails! Gel polish is shinier, lasts so much longer than regular polish, strengthens my nails and even makes my nails grow to lengths I never even thought were possible (due to less breakage)! I used to hit the nail salon at least once every 2 to 3 weeks to get my beloved Gel Manicure! Although it is nice to be pampered and sip on a glass of Cab while the nail tech is doing her thing, sometimes getting your nails done can be a chore. I wanted to have a Gel Mani without always having to go to the salon.

Enter at home Red Carpet Nails Professional Gel Manicure System! I am literally obsessed with it because it has made it possible to do my own salon-style professional Gel Manicure at HOME. It is a little expensive starting up but I promise you it is worth the investment, especially when salon Gel Manicures are upwards of $30! To start you can get the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit or buy the items individually, the starter kit is definitely the better deal at $50. I also highly recommend the Professional LED Light instead of the Portable LED Light. I just purchased it yesterday  (I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! :)) It takes literally a quarter of the time and you can fit your whole hand under the light instead of having to do your thumbs separately, which is required with the Portable Light.

Red carpet manicure purcashes

This at home system is a true Beauty Must Have! In the long run, this system has saved me probably over $600 so far ($600 savings = 10 months of using it for 2 Manicures a Month). Red Carpet Manicure has literally saved my life and I know you will LOVE it once you try it! Many of my family members have already jumped on the Red Carpet Manicure bandwagon!

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Professional LED Gel Manicure at Home System
  • Takes about 30-45 minutes with the Portable LED light and 10 minutes with the Professional LED Light
  • Portable light you must use a timer, Professional light has an automatic sensor (My personal opinion, well worth the investment!)
  • Over 55 Shades of GORGEOUS colors that are only $10 for the whole bottle, that’s a lot of manicures!
  • Easy multiple step system
  • Lasts 2-3 weeks!!!! (my favorite, can you tell?!)
  • Is available for purchase at ULTA
  • A must have for all Beauty Lovers!

My latest at home Gel Mani is a Gray toned Polish called “My Inspiration” by Red Carpet Manicure. Ring finger is topped with Nicole by O.P.I’s Kardashian Kolor Collection Rainbow in the S-Kylie.

Go Nude! The Best Nude Lipstick

26 Aug

I am a HUGE fan of nude lips. I have plumper lips so I tend to want to make them blend in a little, I know I know people pay crazy amounts of money to have their lips injected and gloss them to make them look fuller, but I just always wanted to tone mine down a bit…don’t judge. 🙂 That being said, I have always worn nude or lighter colored lip colors (I must admit I have explored with red during the holiday season and actually kind of liked it!)

Until about a year ago I was still perusing the shelves for that perfect peachy, nude shade for my lips. I was actually hooked on MAC “Sandy B,” a gorgeous peachy, nude with a gold shimmer. I swore by this lipstick for a long time, until I started to pay my own bills and notice some slight problems. It came off pretty easily, I went through it pretty quickly and the price was a little steep, so I started looking look for another alternative. Don’t get me wrong I am a self-acclaimed MAC Addict, but there are just some things I think you can get that are just as good in quality for half the price.

So after trying out a ton of different brands, I FINALLY found the PERFECT nude, and with good timing, actually right before my wedding day 🙂 Until then I have literally lived on the stuff and have gone through about 10 tubes, not to mention got a lot of other people hooked on it too and not to mention a lot of compliments. My go-to nude lipstick is actually by Revlon and titled  “Just Enough Buff” (#613) and that couldn’t be more accurate. And ladies, its only $6.99! It is a smooth, silky texture with a gorgeous peachy, pinky hue that adds a hint of color while still having that nude (but not sickly, you know what I am talking about) tone to my lips! My only small complaint is that it is hard to find. I usually can find it at ULTA if I search hard enough. Target, and other drugstores typically don’t have it…I am kind of hesitating about writing this blog because it is going to be even harder to find now that I am letting my little secret out. Oh well, its totally worth it!

It’s time to GO NUDE! (in lip colors of course! ;)) Try my fave and let me know what you think! Or if you have your own favorite I would LOVE to hear about it!

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